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Medic Class Review:

* Significantly reworked Healer and Poison skill trees.

Device Changes

* Paingun:
o Reduced slowing effect from -50% speed to -30%.
o Added a Disease effect, reducing healing received on target by 5%.

New Missions:

* Dome Defense - The Recursive Colony's expansion has become an increasing threat to Dome City and the Sonoran region. There are new reports of robotic hordes attacking the domes on the furthest reaches of the desert, and Bancroft has issued a call to arms to defend Dome City's territory.
o The Dome Defense Raid queue is now available for agents level 40+. It is an Ultra-Max Raid mission that presents an extreme challenge for groups of highly coordinated agents. In it, Agents defend Dome City from the Recursive Colony alongside Dalton Bancroft. Recommended for highly coordinated premade teams.
* New Demolition Game Rules:
o Teams must now pick up their robot from the opposing team's base and bring it back to theirs for the cap
o The Robot has had its weaponry upgraded. It now comes standard with a powerful burst Heat Ray and short sprint burst (useable on a cooldown)
* New Merc PvP Payload Map - Haulin' Acid
o A new PvP Payload map in an outdoor Sonoran desert setting.
o NOTE: This map may actually be pushed to a release later than Version 1.4, but feedback and bug tracking is needed.
* New Merc PvP Control Map - Magmarock
o A new twist on a Volcanic setting.

PvP Map Changes:

* Toxicity
o Moved and/or removed meshes that were visible on one side, but invisible from the opposite side.
o Cleaned up some exploitable areas.
o Toxic waste now causes damage in areas that were previously unaffected.
* Volcano Assault - atmospheric pressure changes in the area have increased to the point where agents will not be able to fly upwards indefinitely.

Himalayan Point - Lion status can no longer have turrets deployed on their heads.

Blackwater Loch - layout changes around the top objective location.

AvA Factory 3 - Architectural changes around the first objective.

All AvA maps have had their spawns upgraded to ensure both players and tech are invulnerable to nukes while in their spawn.

Payload: Ravine - adjusted teleport boundaries above Attacker spawn.

Open Zone Changes:

* The Sonoran Zone had a significant art/performance cleanup pass.
* Added a teleporter from New Yuma back to Junk Town
* Commander Rollins has a new mission that sends players to Dome City to acquire repeatable bonus missions for successful Mercenary PvP runs.

Mercenary PvP loot

* 30+ Merc matches should now no longer award Uncommons.
* 30+ Merc matches had their Epic drop rates increased significantly.
* 30+ Merc matches now reward Crescent Jetpacks much more often.
* 30+ Merc matches now have a chance to reward new Tier-5 Dyes: Dragonscale, Chameleon, Iguana, Giraffa, and Betta Fish.

Special Ops PvE Changes:

* Checkpoint Beacons should no longer take damage in PvE.
* Sector 20 Agent Inception Center: Commonwealth maintenance has patched an area where ARM agents could shoot through a gap at the boss.
* Remote Operations Control Center: Through the generous donations and dedication to the Commonwealth of double agents, facility additions were added that prevent agents from utilizing unintended routes to bypass portions of the mission.
* Dweller Hideout: Fixed an area where players were getting stuck behind meshes near the dropship.

Due to further budget cuts in the CPSD manufacturing division, Commonwealth Support bots are no longer immune to EMP stun (Widow, Guardian, Recluse, etc).

Vendor Updates:

* Level 40 perfect stat armor can now be purchased from the Dome City armor vendor for 12,000 tokens.
* Added new Tier 3 dyes to dye vendor - Teal and Burgundy.
* Adjusted Profile Slot prices - they are now 6000, 8000, 10000 and 12000 tokens respectively.

AvA Changes:

* Every agency's HQ starts by default as a Defense Facility, along with the free tech they currently get for an HQ. NO Additional Defense Facilities can be placed by an Agency so every Agency has at most a single Defense Facility (as their HQ).
* Defense Facilities can no longer be purchased from the AvA vendors.
* A tab for AvA has been added to the M screen for better visibility.

Dome City Changes:

* Captain Devore has arrived in Dome City and has new repeatable bonus missions for successful Mercenary PvP runs. He can be found in the A.R.M. CONTROL room alongside Ava.
* Ava Lockhart has new repeatable bonus missions for successful Special Ops PvE runs of all difficulties.
* Activity around the North Door of Dome City is increasing as Recursive activity continues to rise in the desert.


* Video Setting: Particle Detail has been reenabled, allowing higher particle detail levels.
* GMs should now be bolder/different color in City Chat.
* Added a confirmation dialog box when a player removes himself or another player from his Agency.

Bugs Fixed in Version 1.4

* Fixed Rare quality icon for Aftershock Launcher drop. It was previously incorrectly the same as Epic icon.
* Fixed a typo in the descriptions for the Special Ops Team Elite and Advanced achievement helms.
* Should not be able to challenge someone that is already in a match (or ignoring you).
* Sound Issue (Loud pop followed by loss of sound). - SOME IMPROVEMENTS MADE. TESTING REQUIRED. (Changed default audio class to XAudio).
* Slight delay when trying to use melee; make melee feel better in net env.
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